About Us

Event Services

Ensemble Examples (if your desired ensemble or instrument isn't listed here, just request it!)
  • string quartet (2 violins, viola, cello)
  • string trio (violin, viola, cello)
  • solo piano (genre upon request)
  • solo guitar
  • solo harp

  • Weddings
    We make it our priority to consult each couple on their musical preferences and vision for their special day so that repertoire selections can be chosen for their ceremony and/or reception that enhance their unique celebration.

    Private Events
    Our musicians and ensembles are experienced with diverse venues; from country clubs, to five star hotels, to private homes and outdoor locations. They have the professionalism to blend into any environment and discreetly enhance the atmosphere in an impactful way.

    Memorial Services
    On somber occasions, there is no substitute for live music. It is somehow able to express both sadness and hope, simultaneously, and say what we are unable to say. Our musicians consult every client on the desired mood for these occasions to ensure that the selected program is as unique as those whose lives are being celebrated.

    Holiday Parties
    Live music can greatly enhance the atmosphere of any holiday party and get everyone in the holiday spirit with well known tunes. Our musicians discuss with each client the unique needs of their holiday music and tailor it to their gathering and/or religious preference.